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Silica ore for decorative rock, lanscaping rock and industrial minerals use makes for smart mining investments.

International Quartz Quarry for Sale —Ontario Canada. This property includes: a mountain top silica quarry located on 200 acres.

The Quartz Mountain, silica mine in Douglas County, Oregon. Property includes the mountain top silica quarry located on 4 patented claims and 5 adjoining unpatented claims in the Umpqua National Forest.

And The Helms Deep Placer and Silica Projects —Two (2) mining projects on 110 acres of the famous La Porte Channel in Northern California. One on the southern end of the claim is a previously permitted Placer Mine with gold, silver, platinum and silica as a by product. The mine on the Northern end of the claim is an open pit Silica Operation.

Strategic Metals
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This site speaks to the needs of strategic metals in the world today. China has a corner on rare earths needed in alternative energy components. The supply of silver, zinc, copper and lead is at an all time low, so prospectors and junior mining companies get busy. Let's fix this problem for the US.

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